Server down, city dead. This is exactly what a malicious online activist wants to achieve. Help to stop him before he can bring the whole city to a standstill with just a few clicks ... a digital scavenger hunt through the almost unknown futuristic high-tech Munich.

(For 1-10 players)
Also available as gift voucher!

€ 45
110 minutes
Start place
Münchner Freiheit
Finish place
Available for disabled people Stag night Team building

Every traffic light and so thousands of potential accidents ...

Every electronic door and so thus all people who are in modern buildings ...

Every socket and thus all technical devices ...

Every transmission mast and thus our entire communication ...

Nowadays, all of this is controlled digitally and centrally, via huge cloud servers - the most important power plants of our time. What makes our modern life possible can quickly become the greatest danger. That is when the information falls into the wrong hands...

It's about life and death, because a terrorist knows the code!

Help as a hidden investigator track down a dangerous hacker and prevent him from accessing the city's servers - the servers that keep everything running.

Follow clues, evaluate videos and calls and solve exciting puzzles online and offline. Then you will be able to prevent the worst.

Do you know how well our country would be prepared for a major hacker attack? The tour includes interesting facts about hacking and digital security as well as information about the modern architecture of the city.

On an exciting scavenger hunt, you will spend unforgettable hours in what are probably the most modern corners of the city. The distinctive Highlight Towers, the most futuristic subway station in the city or the seat of the largest technology company in the world, all these hidden places are usually not available to ordinary Munich visitors. But on our tour you will see them all.

In addition, there are always tips for the best photo spots of the skyline, directly from local photographers.

You can easily get to the starting point with the U3 or U6 subway. It starts right at the Münchner Freiheit stop.

Attention: During the tour you also take the tram one time, so get a ticket for Zone M.