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Olympic park under attack | Munich's best criminal case

120 minutes
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The emblem of the modern Federal Republic is in danger. Find all the clues in time as disguised investigators, save the Olympic Park and be rewarded with the best view over Munich!

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The Olympic Park, the emblem of the modern Federal Republic, is in danger. The impressive park's gyms and towers are overshadowed by an imminent danger that must be stopped. You are the undercover investigators on site and must follow up on clues from the police control centre. Gather enough information at the scene and prevent the worst from happening. Then you will be rewarded twice: with the most impressive view of the most beautiful - and now again safest - city in the world.

Did you know that Munich has its own "Walk of Fame", or that the most famous mountain is actually a big pile of rubbish? The tour includes interesting facts about the history and hidden corners of the Olympic Park.

While solving an exciting case, you'll spend unforgettable hours in front of the city's most impressive scenery. Our "crime scenes" include the BMW World, the Olympic Stadium and the famous Olympic Tower. And of course many more hidden and otherwise unknown places. (*CORONA note*: The buildings mentioned do not have to be accessed to solve the puzzles.)

In addition, there are always tips for the best photo spots at the park provided by local photographers. 

You can get to the starting spot in a relaxed way by taking the underground U3 or U8. The game begins right at the Olympiazentrum station.

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120 minutes
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Subwaystation Olympiazentrum
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