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Stäffele City Quest | Crown of the city

135 minutes
2.2 km
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Explore The Länd - Explore The Stäffele!

Discover the city with the most stairs (stäffele) in Europe on this puzzling Stäffeles City Quest ! Finde historical paths and stories through exciting challenges on this digital city tour - your private scavenger hunt.

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 It was during the Kingdom of Württemberg that Stuttgart began to develop into what it is today: the automobile city. Industrialization shaped the country, the city, and the people like no other era. Even though times have changed since then, the paths through the former vineyards and, thus, the charm of Stuttgart have survived.

No other city in Europe has more "Stäffele" (stairways) to offer than Stuttgart.

 Dive in and let an experienced, native Stuttgart-born city guide take you digitally through the history of the lovely state capital of Baden-Württemberg on your own smartphone.

 A city in a valley and a tour uphill to the probably most beautiful viewpoint of Stuttgart.

 This tour offers city history, stories, as well as challenges. Thus, on this Stäffeles tour you can enjoy both at the same time: you will have fun outdoors and learn about the history of Stuttgart.


Starting point: Marienplatz, District Stuttgart-South. (Tram U1, U9, U34, bus 41, 43 and rack railway 10)

Playable: 365 days a year, daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (summer time) and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (winter time). Allow at least one hour before sunset!

If you don't have enough time to play or if it begins to rain, you can pause the game at any time and continue playing with your code later on. Once the game has been started, the code remains valid for 66 days.

Important: For each team, you need at least one smartphone or tablet with sufficient power and internet access (mind your data volume). There is no tracking! Therefore, no GPS or app installation is required for the game.

Number of participants per game: Depends on your choose. Starts from 2 up to 50 persons.

Team events as a challenge: The size of your team is up to you. A game code is required for each team in order to be able to play independently.

Duration: About 2,25 hours.

Requirements: Average fitness and health are sufficient. It's going uphill! Take water with you on hot days.

Children and young people under the age of 18: Should be accompanied by at least one adult.

Dogs: You may bring your dog, but please note that dogs must be leashed in the city centre. Bring enough water for your little friend!

You are not allowed to play in snow and ice, neither in the event of severe weather warnings!

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On your own Smartphone

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3 - Fesselnde Rätsel-Story spielen

Zu Beginn erhaltet ihr den Auftrag Eurer Mission. Nun erkundet ihr die Stadt, um gemeinsam an sehenswerten Stationen knifflige Rätsel zu lösen.

100% Flexible: whithout touristguide & appointment

Basic information

135 minutes
Start place
Stuttgart-South | Marienplatz
Finish place
Stuttgart-South | Marienplatz

You need

A fully charged Smartphone
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